James Watson interviewed by Brenda Maddox

James Watson in conversation with Brenda Maddox by intelligence2

Last week James Watson was interviewed by Brenda Maddox, a noted science historian and biographer of Rosalind Franklin. Watson provides insight, in his typically unabashed fashion, on a variety of topics and personalities, including: cancer (take Advil and avoid sugar), the cost of the Human Genome Project ("Only 3 billion dollars ... nothing!"), religion, President Obama ("A very intelligent man who has absolutely no knowledge of science"), biotechnology, stem cell research, Rosalind Franklin, Francis Crick ("A super-genius"), Maurice Wilkins, Linus Pauling ("He only listened to himself"), the Nobel Prize ("I knew we'd get one instantly"), and his own likability ("I was a social failure until I came into contact with social people" [at graduate school]).

Mrs. Maddox even mentions the recently publicized "lost" Francis Crick letters, but sadly does not credit the CSHL Library and Archives!

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