New Report on the Challenges of Digital Preservation

A new report, entitled Puzzling over digital preservation – Identifying traditional
and new skills needed for digital preservation
, was recently presented at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress.


Digital preservation is a task requiring library and information science as well as information technology skills. It simultaneously utilizes traditional library skills and requires knowledge from information technology that goes far beyond the traditional roles of library and archive staff. But where does one start when implementing a digital preservation program? What knowledge is needed? What tasks can be covered by existing personnel? Where can one acquire expert knowledge needed? What information resources exist? Can a scalable approach be implemented to gain necessary skills? The paper is based upon a gap analysis conducted by the Leibniz Library Network for Research Information “Goportis”. It describes necessary know-how identified, ranging from digital curation skills needed to evaluate digital data carriers to specialist digital preservation knowledge of file formats needed to describe information with the goal of sustaining accessiblilty over long-term. It shows how central tasks of digital preservation like process description and preservation planning require expert knowledge of traditional librarian and information technology skills as well as new knowledge which is described as digital preservation skills.

The CSHL Library is currently working on its own institutional repository for the preservation of digital media, and the Archives is about to undertake a large scale digitization project of its major collections. Details regarding that project will be released soon. Stay tuned.

[via Digitization 101]

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