The Elof Axel Carlson Collection - Part 2

The following is the second post in a series about processing the Elof A. Carlson Collection.

Elof and Hermann

Elof Carlson’s Research on Hermann J. Muller can be divided into the following two sections: drafts of the manuscript and research files. The drafts of the manuscript include a long sheet galley proof and oversize drafts, both with handwritten edits. Additionally, there is a collection of reviews of the book, as well as an indexed guide to the manuscript. Dr. Carlson clearly enjoyed a close relationship with his mentor, Dr. Hermann J. Muller, as evidenced by the scope of personal material supplied both by Muller and his second wife, Dorothea.

Muller and his wife Thea

The research file section of this record group arrived in labeled folders from Dr. Carlson. Highlights include:

• Teacher’s Guide to the H.J. Muller Exhibit
• Notes on Lectures given about HJM and the book
• EAC handwritten research notes for book
• EAC notes and drafts for HJM obituary
• The files include a large series of letters between Carlson and Thea Muller. Because the correspondence between the two is so extensive, it encompasses several folders which appear to have been compiled under different auspices.

- Amy Driscoll, Project Archivist

To be continued...

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