Become a friend of the library.

  • Interact with other friends of the library, including members of the CSHL Archives Advisory Committee.

  • Experience the full range of research options at our fantastic facility.

  • Participate in different CSHL projects.

  • Access the talents of our talented archivists and librarians to dig into the history of science and microbiology.

  • Engage with the history of science in one of America's oldest and most venerated research institutions.

  • Attend events celebrating the past, present, and future of cutting-edge research.

  • Meet with writers and artists interested in the history of science.

  • Talk to the people who create the history of science and the people who know them best.

  • Learn how to archive and preserve your own historical materials.

  • Listen with full access to the fantastic Oral History Archive of the CSHL Library.

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